Opening a Database with Time Machine

I have not found on this forum how to open a previous version of a database with the Time Machine feature Im sure it is here. I have done this before but I can not remember how to do it.

Can some one refresh my memory or point me in the right direction to get to the instructions.

Much appreciated.

Open your database, preferably with only the data sheet open. Then you click on the TimeMachine icon in your dock. The database window morphs into TimeMachine’s timeline. Choose the version you want to restore and click “Restore”.

I can’t get the database to open in data sheet, it immediately crashes. I have no .Initialize procedure, 1 form and 167 records. I think it became corrupt when I did not finish the code in the “Code” section of the field properties.

Go to the Finder and highlight the file you want to revert. If you have the Time Machine icon in the menu bar click it and select Enter Time Machine (or select Time Machine from the Applications folder), Your screen will change to a series of finder windows going back in time and you can toggle back to the version you want and click the Restore button and that should make that version the current version of the file.

Ok, it appears I don’t have Time Machine set up. What is strange is I could swear that I have restored a previous version of a pan X file before. So I guess this question is more appropriately asked - how do I work with a corrupt file to restore it to be operational? It will not open in data sheet only, like I mentioned, I think it became corrupted when I did not finish a call statement in the code section of field properties. I have one form and 167 records. Is there a way by looking at package contents that I can edit the field properties and remove the code I suspect is causing the problem?

My first suggestion would be to try and open the file secretly to see if it still crashes. If you get that far you can try to correct the code problem for the bad field property. Here is some code I would try:

opensecret "MyProblemFile"
setactivedatabase "MyProblemFile"
field "TheBadField"
setfieldproperties initializedictionary("PROCEDURE","")

See how far you can get without a crash.

Thank you Gary,

Worked beautifully. I have my file back… I love Panorama X and I am eternally grateful to all who help on this forum, you are the best…!!!