Openform issues

Using openform in .Initialize seems pretty cranky. Help says

By default, the form will open in the same location it was in the last time it was opened. To specify the size and location of the new window in advance, use the setwindowrectangle, setwindow, or windowbox statements.

but my experience is that the default appears to often override the parameters in openform and setwindowrectangle by opening the form as it was when the file was last used rather than according to the parameters in these statements in .Initialize. Admittedly after a number of file openings the settings in the statements seem to take over but it’s a bit of a hit or miss process.

I can’t find a mention of this in the forum or Bitbucket and wonder if this is common.

David Duncan

Several similar problems have been identified before - see for an initial listing of reports. If none of these matches your situation, you may have added to the list.

And, as a polite reminder, your post won’t register in a subsequent search because of the vagueness of its title.

If the database is saved with the form open, an openform statement won’t have any effect. After all, the form is already open.

Thanks, Michael. When I searched for “openform” I found very few posts and was too lazy to think of a way of describing the issue in a couple of words. I will do better in future!

In fact, as Jim points out, it isn’t an .Initialize issue.

Thanks for your clarification. I haven’t been using Panorama X for a while and it’s a struggle to recall the differences from Classic!