Openfile can't find file / .pan extension

I have two Panorama databases in a folder; “Ordering” and “Prices.” Ordering has an .Initialize macro, where the only line is openfile "Prices". When I open Ordering, I get this error: 'File “Prices” not found." Prices opens manually just fine. I’ve tried copying the file and renaming it, with no change. My only clue is that when I “Save As…”, the new copy of Prices is created as Prices.pan, whereas saving a copy of Ordering (and all other Panorama files I’ve tried it with) does not seem to add the .pan extension.

Actually, I guess just “solved” this myself, or more accurately found a workaround, but I’m still posting it because I don’t understand what’s going on here. I had been deleting the .pan extension from the new file that got created by “Save As…”, but I found that when I changed my .Initialize macro to openfile "Prices.pan", it happily opens the Prices database (even after I deleting the .pan extension from the file).

So… why does this particular file seem determined to have a .pan extension, and why is Panorama unable to recognize the file without it? (I should note that it’s not just this one file–my coworker had run into the same issue with a different set of files and we had been unable to resolve the issue until this moment).

My guess is that if you do Get Info… on that file in the Finder, you will see something like this.

Remove the extension in the Info window rather than the Finder window where you found it listed. When you do it in the Finder window, rather than the Info window, the extension is hidden, not removed.

Another thing you want to do, is to check this box in the Finder Preferences.

When you do that, the extensions won’t be hidden from you, and you can remove them in either the Finder, or the Info window.

That was it–thank you.