Openfile a text file from local server

Finally starting to see if we can convert files we use daily to Pan X. Stuck at the first step in an initialize procedure. Code is:

openfile “&Volumes:Dell_Shared:TEST_binloc.txt”

and the error is that Pan can’t find the file. We tried it with colons in the path and also with output from terminal:


same error. I’m sure it’s some simple path thing but I’m not finding it.

We were able to load the file when it is located in the same folder as the database, but it was amazingly slow to load.


Just a note about getting the proper file paths within Pan X. Similar to a Terminal window, you can drag a file from the Finder directly into a procedure window and it will enter and display the propeer file name and path. You can also do this with a Text Editor Object. Removes a lot of guess work.

Sweet! And although it’s still slower than Pan 6, I found the path problem:

I had “&Volumes…”

instead of “&/Volumes…”

Picky picky.


Cool! I didn’t know that.

I believe this is due to the fact that Panorama X handles Unicode text, which is much more complicated to work with than the ASCII text Panorama 6 used. It’s simply doing much more work to do the import compared to what Panorama 6 did, so it takes longer.

The same trick works in the Properties panel for objects and is especially handy for Image Display Objects in the formula or the default image section. Also works in the Field Properties panel for code or formulas. Just drag and drop for any file path entry.