Open a form with an active text editor object

I would like to open a form and have a text editor object active and ready for text entry without any intervening key strokes. I thought I had seen that discussed once before on the forum, but I cannot find. Can anyone help me with that?

You need to name the text editor so you can issue a command to open it for editing. Say your form name is “myForm” and the editor is named “myEditor”, this would open the form and set the editor for editing:

openform "myForm"
objectaction "myEditor","Open"

Is there a dictionary for all the object actions?

This is still one of the weak points of the Help documentation. I will often go to the Panorama 6 pdf documents to see what was used in a similar Panorama 6 object and then just give it a try to see if it still applies. Some do - some don’t.

Unfortunately the documentation for object actions hasn’t been written yet. As Gary mentions, many, but not all of the actions available in Panorama 6 work the same. There are some missing, and Panorama X also has some new ones.