Onsite training?

Is there anyone who does physical onsite training for Panorama X?

I have been a trainer for Panorama 6 since its inception. I have trained moms and pops as well as fortune 100 companies on Panorama 6. I have also trained several individuals and companies in Panorama X over the last year or so.

Where are you located and how many people do you need to train?.

Unless you are willing to pay for travel/lodging, it would be handy to post your location. That way, if someone “local” is so inclined, they can get in touch with you. Just say’n :slight_smile:

I live in Newport Beach, CA. We have used panorama 6 for many years for medical research. We want to upgrade to Pan X. We need a teacher. Does anyone live in the area that could do that? Our file has 7,000 records

I live in the Orange County area. I have been doing on-site training since version 1. I sent you a private message but I don’t know if you received it. Therefore, you can email me at jk@acaciasystems.com or call (562) 437-7690.