Omit record from selection

Is there a simple way to omit a record from the selected records – omit record from found set in Filemakerese (COMMAND-T iirc). Not finding anything in the help files with the search terms I’ve tried. Of course, I’ve never done it in prior versions of Panorama, and don’t remember if I ever tried.

On the fly it is often much simpler to omit a record or two than run a more sophisticated search or a search within. I’ve been deleting “excess” records (rows) on the GoogleSheet side because it is faster than running through the PanX selection window (which still seems overly slow to load and get ready).

It would be a 2 line procedure.

let thisRecord = exportline()
selectwithin exportline() <> thisRecord

You would click on the record you wanted to omit to make it active, and then run the procedure.

Thanks, Dave, works like a charm, or actually better than a charm!

That procedure would hide other duplicate records as well as the single current record. I believe this would be safer.

Let LThisRecord = Info("ServerRecordId")
SelectWithin Info("ServerRecordID") <> LThisRecord
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If you want to omit the current record AND its duplicates Dave’s is the way to go, if you want to omit just the current record Robert’s would be. Robert’s way might also be faster, comparing unique integers instead of what could be fairly long strings as exportline(). But Info("ServerRecordID") offers one potential catch once PanX Server becomes available. It will return zero for all as yet unshared local records in shared databases, so won’t be ‘unique’ yet for such. Be aware of the respective quirks and act accordingly.