Ok spelling in dialogs

Ran into something unexpected: In an OkCancel alert window, the Ok button returns “Ok”, not “ok” or “OK” (the latter of which is the spelling I habitually use). Because of this I had some failing if statements depending on that alert. It’s not worth fixing in the program, but people should be aware of it because PanX is fussy about it and you may get unexpected results.

The new update is wonderful, by the way!

I noticed this a while back - I always use contains “ok” as my test.

It will return the exact title of the button. Since the button is “Ok”, that is what it returns.

I just tested this in Panorama 6, and the button name is “OK” in that version. So that is a change, sorry about that. However, I believe the correct spelling is “Ok” according to Apple user interface guidlines.

Like Michael, I often use contains “ok”, or sometimes I will use match “ok”.