OffLine Rural Service

" * Unlike Panorama 6, Panorama X Team Server does not support modification of shared databases when offline. You can always view any database, but you cannot edit a database unless you are connected to the server."

Can the Forum recommend a protocol or process that would allow collection of data from remote sites that have no cell or wifi service and then update/synchronize the “home” database? For example; Rural Service Co has 3 service trucks that are deployed daily into rural areas that may not have cell service (most likely). Each service-person collects unique record data. Access to that record by other personnel would only occur after the service-person returns back home and adds the new data to the master database.

I would suggest using two databases, one connected to the server, and one standalone. When a truck goes out into the field, they can enter data into the standalone database. When they return home, they can append the standalone database into the shared database, then delete all the data in the standalone database. This could be set up so that they just need to press one button when they return home.