Odd series of numbers in field

At seeming random times I am finding an odd sequence of numbers appearing in a field where it just doesn’t make sense to me. Here is a peek into what I am getting.

Numbers similar to this series is ending up in the 1st column ‘Boat’ perhaps after one of my procedures runs. But I have no clue as to what these numbers mean, what could create this situation, etc. What should actually be in that column is (in this particular case) very easy to correct as the db is merely an ongoing recreation of another database but regardless of that, I wish I could figure out what is causing this seemingly random issue. That particular column happens to have a restricted character set for manual entry (01–AAEEIILNPPRTVV) but as it is regularly a series of numbers, it is obvious that it is created by some automated item of sorts.

I bring this up because, well, this is a beta release and who knows what could be happening in a beta.

Ok, I’ve figured it out.

This is a shared database. Those numbers are the ServerRecordID’s of a selection of records (last month’s sails). I have not ever used this command in a procedure. I do know that my server crashes when I run a procedure, thus it is the server that is for some odd reason dumping the series of ServerRecordID’s of some previous selection into the first field of the current record when the server is later crashing and has a different selection of records.

Additionally what is odd is that that series of numbers (ServerRecordID of last month’s sails) are regularly being placed in a record that is always of this month’s sails. So at some point, the server is tracking those record IDs, but then at a later point when a different selection is being dealt with, dumps them into the ‘current field’ it is then dealing with.

At least I feel better knowing where they are coming from. Now it is time to figure out why the server is crashing when this procedure runs.

When a particular procedure is run, sometimes, inconsistently, midway through the procedure, I get an ‘ERROR: Could not connect to server named <>’ with CLIENTQUERY & CLIENTFILLCOLUMN’ procedures listed in the error dialog.

I do then have to Start Panorama X Server from the Panorama X Preferences Server panel. And then close the db, and reopen it.

FYI, when the error wizard appears, you can click on the different lines to see what is going on at each level of the call stack. In this case if you click on Count People on Sail it should show you the line of your code that is triggering the problem. Most likely that line of code is a formulafill statement, but it could also be propagate (or variations of propagate), runningtotal or runningdifference.

Is the server you are using named Automation 21? This error means that the client sent an HTTP packet to the server and got back an error. This usually means either the client has no internet connection or the server dropped off the internet. I’m not 100% sure, but I think you’ll get a different error if the server crashed. In any case, usually you would be aware of any of these problems – since you didn’t mention any connectivity problems was that not the case?

What’s really odd though is that the client contacts the server twice when doing a fill. At the beginning it contacts the server just to make sure it can do so. Apparently that worked since you didn’t get an error in that code, but a fraction of a second later it failed. The first contact doesn’t actually do anything except verify the connection works and that the database is open on the server.

Do you have any logging turned on for Bulk Data Modification on your server?