Odd behavior launching a PanX file THE 2ND (3rd etc.) TIME

I’m running PanoramaX (current version) under El Capitan (V 10.11.6).

Here’s a strange thing: I have a dock menu for all my DB stuff, including PanX files. The first time I open a PanX file from the dock menu after startup, all is fine – but the second time, instead of launching PanX and opening the file, the Finder acts as if I had asked to look “inside” the file at its (normally invisible) internal subfiles: data.archive, data.plist, forms.archive etc., 8 files in all.

To launch, I have to open PanX and use the Open command in the File menu.

If I reboot, the file will again open OK from the dock.

What I can’t figger out is: how can PanX influence Finder behavior?

And, of course: how do I fix this?


Panorama cannot influence Finder behavior. What you are describing is something going on with your Finder or Dock, Panorama isn’t even involved at that point. I have never heard of a problem like that, but maybe you need to reinstall OS X itself.

If you have your Panorama X icon in the dock all you have to do is click and hold the icon and a list of recent Panorama files will popup. Select the file you want and Panorama will open with that file active.

Well, I am still also running Pan6, and neither it nor any other program I use provokes this behavior.

I’m thinking that maybe PanX may be leaving its files’ metadata in a state that misleads the finder … but then why would reboot clear the problem?

Curiouser and curiouser.


Hey, that works great! I’ll use this from now on. Thanks!