Objectinfo() or objectaction() get value of text editor objects

Is there a way for objectinfo() or objectaction() to return the value of text editor objects?

My goal is to have the code scan a form for all text editor objects and return the value of the variables associated with the text editor objects.

Yes, there is. You can use objectinfo( to get the name of an object and then display the value of that name(d object).

You can also get an array of all the variables associated with text editors on a form with


Thank you, here is the final version. I added datavalue() to get the values of the fields. It works beautifully.


A related question. Using objectinfoarray() doesnt work if the data objects are grouped. The reason I am grouping them is to create a “responsive” form in Panorama X.

Here is my full code


The result of the code will look like this.

fieldname=“The Value in the Field”

Hey Steve, what’s a ‘responsive’ form?

I’ve added an issue for this. However, I think changing this could cause new problems, so I’m not sure if this will be changed or not.