Object nudging issue

When using the arrow keys to nudge form objects, I have noticed that if I position an object at position Y=0 (top edge of object touches top of form window), the bottom handles will not nudge up independently.

I have carefully clicked on the handle to make it “active” - so it will move just that edge, not the entire object - although at this time there is no visible “highlighting” of that handle like there was in P6.

I hear the “click” sound and nothing moves. Nudging that same bottom handle down works fine while the top edge handles stay at Y=0, but they will not nudge back up as long as the top edge of the object is at Y=0.

Also - If the top edge of the object is at position Y ≥ 1, the bottom handles will nudge up and down just fine (independent of the top handles).

The same thing happens to the right side object handles if the left edge of an object is at position X=0. They will nudge right, but will not nudge left. If I move the left edge to X ≥ 1, the right side object handles will nudge in all directions.

Is this the desired behavior?

No, it is not. I have created a bug report for this.

When nudging the entire object, Panorama has logic to prevent you from nudging the object above the top edge of the form or to the left of the left edge. Most likely this logic is incorrectly kicking in in this situation.