Object handle behavior

I’m struggling to align individual lines to create grids in multi-column forms.

The following video shows some handle behavior - when I attempt to select a 1pt line, the mouse has to be exactly on the line. Makes sense I guess, but difficult when viewing at 100%.
Is it possible to have a selection zone for lines and rectangles that might be slightly wider than the actual lines or hollow rectangles? Maybe a “snap to…” zone?

I’m aware I can click/drag to select items, but that gets tough also - in intricate forms when attempting to select a single line or object.

Also - after I move an object, in this case a line, and de-select it, hollow handles appear. What does that represent? Is the object still selected? I can’t move this object with the arrow keys until I drag select it, or click on it again, to show the opaque handles. Is that the desired behavior of the handles?

Finally - is it possible to have hollow handles on lines and rectangles to make alignment easier? The video shows that I need to click elsewhere in the form to de-select each object to see if I nudged it enough to line up to the horizontal line.

A hollow handle box when nudging or on mouse down (during the move) would allow me to see when the line end is correctly aligned.

PanX 10.1.1
Mac OS 10.13.6

If you hold down the space bar you can drag to select objects even when there are many other objects around.

I can’t duplicate that right now, but I have occasionally seen that. It is an artifact that is not supposed to appear, but I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this or figure out how to eliminate the spurious appearance. The object is not still selected.

There are many niceties that could be added to make graphic design easier. I don’t plan to work on any of that until the server version is done, at a minimum.

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