NthLine( is not showing 1st Line


for a field that when copied and pasted here displays as:

424 W Malvern Ave
Fullerton CA 92832

is displaying both lines of text. What is the trick to make this work. In Word, displaying the text does show a ¶ after each line.


displays nothing.

It seems your address has line feeds instead of carriage returns. You can use:


I would imagine the nthline( function should actually work with either line feeds or carriage returns.

Gary has provided an excellent tool in the Database Exchange: “Reveal Invisible Text.pandb” than displays which invisible characters are contained in your text field.

Dang. I thought Word would be honest with me. When I used reveal hidden characters, this is what it showed me.

Image 3-8-21 at 12.17 PM
Guess those paragraphs symbols don’t mean the same thing everything where. A note to others then. :slight_smile:
Thanks Gary