«» not working as expected

here’s an example:

this gets it wrong:
field available
formulafill «» - lookup(‘assyonsls’, ‘item’, item, ‘qty’, 0, 0)

this works:
field available
formulafill datavalue(«») - lookup(‘assyonsls’, ‘item’, item, ‘qty’, 0, 0)

is this a know issue?

Please supply a more detailed description of the symptoms. I just tried a formulafill using «» and it worked fine.

i just tried to replicate it today and can’t, so never mind i guess.

i promise you, the problem did exist yesterday. i tried it several times because i found it unbelievable. the formulafill did produce a correct value for the first record, so i thought at first that the «» was being evaluated once then that value was used for the entire file, but that wasn’t the case. i could never figure out the trouble.

i have a sick old computer here, so i guess i shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

sorry i wasted your time.