Not Authorized Alert

I’m getting the following alert. I hope this is not because there is a space in my OS user name. I don’t know how to change that without doing a clean install of the OS. I’m currently running Mojave 10.14.6

Your user account is identified by the email address you used when you logged on. If that doesn’t match the one that was used to register for the class, it might not recognize you as a beta tester.

“logged on” ??
This happens running Panorama, and I’ve had the same email address for 12 years.

This message can occur even if you have correctly logged in. It’s a bug that may cause an occasional alert and force you to quit. I assume it will be fixed soon.

Copy. Thanks.

I find that Big Sur will sometimes seem to lose the internet connection for a while soon after waking, or doing other things on the internet. It may take several seconds before connections work again. This may affect Panorama calling home.