New Variable View Panorama X Utility

Here is a utility file I made called Variable View for my own use but it may be of value to others as well. This utility will inventory all the fileglobal, windowglobal, permanent and global variables as well as the fields of all open databases and it allows you to get their current values. The file list is updated as files are opened and closed and automatically refreshed when bringing the Variable View file to the front. You can choose to list any of the variable types including fields or any combination of them for inclusion in the list. There is an option to sort the list as well as the ability to search the variable list. Selecting any item from the list will display the current value in the column next to it. Clicking on any database name in the All Open Files list will bring that database to the front. You can also limit the displayed variables to any one database or show all open databases. If open, you can include the variables from the Panorama Help file as well. Here is a screen shot of Variable View in action:

I have not included an option to change an existing variable’s value since users would have the potential of causing unintended problems especially regarding some of the Panorama X built-in global and permanent variables which should not be altered manually. You, of course, are free to add this feature on your own if desired.

This file is free, open and fully commented. Get your copy of Variable View here:

Hope you find this utility useful in your own work as well


Great work. Thank you!

@gary Now I see why you were asking questions about accessing windowglobal variables :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the last bridge I needed to cross to put this all together. Now I can get back to my other projects.

Very cool and useful Thanks.

A nifty utility! Thanks for sharing this Gary. I have tried it out and noticed a couple of things:

The TextLabelObject, “Database”, in the large panel needs to be a couple pixels wider - the “e” is not displayed.

The Refresh button does not work the way I was expecting. With a database open and Fields displayed in the large panel and the Last Name field selected, the value does display in the Current Value panel. However, if I change the record selected in the open database’s DataSheet and then return to Variable View and click the Refresh button, the value of Last Name does not update but remains the previous value. The value will update if I click on the Last Name field in the large panel.

Thinking you had made some changes to the utility I downloaded a second copy of Variable View. With the second copy, no values are displayed for any Fields selected.

Thanks again. I particularly like the speed of this utility.

Thanks for the kind words Tom and the others who have made comment. Glade to know a few folks have found this useful.

Well on my monitor the label is properly sized and was set automatically when it was created. If it is showing up undersized on other users screens that might be an issue. You are free of course to resize it as necessary.

Good catch. At the very end of the Refresh procedure add these lines to force the variable/field value to update when refreshed:

If ___SelectedVariable≠""
    call .getvalue

I had never changed the file at the download site so I have no idea what might have caused this behavior. I have now uploaded an updated version of Variable View with the above corrections.

I had never really used this utility before today – it’s very useful! Saved me some time tonight. Thanks again Gary. (I don’t know if the download link on this thread is up-to-date, but for anyone that hasn’t checked it out yet it is available on the Panorama Database Exchange.)

Thank you for the file upload. As I’ve been getting deeper into Panorama X, it has become very useful to me. I’m very grateful for your efforts.