New problem with macOS 10.12.1 (16B2657)

Using the 16B2657 build of 10.12.1, if I choose Close Window or Close Database from the File menu Panorama X quits. Using the Command-W or Shift-Command-W does not cause Panorama to quit. Closing windows or closing databases from a procedure does not cause Panorama to quit either. Only directly closing a window or a file from the File menu forces Panorama to suddenly quit completely. System restart or Panorama X restart makes no difference.

Happens on my machine with 16B2655, as well.

If you can reproduce this whenever you want, I’d be interested in any console logs that are generated.

It is VERY strange to me that Command-W would be different than choosing Close Window from the File menu. In either case, the exact same code is triggered. In fact, it is actually Apple’s code that performs the close. Apple’s code calls my code to notify that the window is about to close. The exact same code is called no matter what triggered the window closing, whether it is Command-W, clicking the close box, or choosing File>Close.

Does anyone know if the 16B2657 build is some sort of beta? Or is it a regular build delivered by Software Update? It appears that only three Panorama users are running 16B2657, so I’m thinking Apple hasn’t delivered it widely.

I sent you a crash report, but then I checked it on another account on my machine, and it does not happen there. I suspect that there may be a conflict between hot keys.

Does it matter what type of window is being closed? Data Sheet, Form, and/or Procedure?

That took some testing. I had been using the blank database that comes up when PanoramaX first opens, so that was the data sheet. Trying it with another database shows it is only the data sheet.

It does not happen here (regular version macOS 10.12.1 build 16B2555), neither with the blank “Untitled” sheet nor with sheets of other databases.

This is the version that came when I updated to Sierra via the App Store 2 days ago. I am not registered for any system beta software.

It definitely involves the Data Sheet. Close Window on the Data Sheet quits. Close Database while the Data Sheet is open and even partially visible on the screen even in the background causes Panorama X to quit. If only the title bar of the Data Sheet is visible or if it is open but totally covered by other windows it does not quit.

Yes, very strange and I just checked it all once again and using the Command-W and Command-Shift-W do not cause the problem even though you see the File menu highlight when you execute them.

As confirmation of the standard released version here is something from Wikipedia:

Yes, this is a regular build delivered by Software Update. Since it is not a new version, just a newer build, only people with 10.12.0 or El Capitan who haven’t already updated will get this version of 10.12.1. Those who have already upgraded to an earlier build of 10.12.1 won’t be offered another update until 10.12.2 is available.

Gary, have you tried it on another account on the same machine, like I did?

Using an alternate login account the problem does not exist - same as you noted. Have no idea what might be behind this strange behavior. I don’t have too much in the way of extras: PopChar, TypeIt4Me, MagicPrefs, Avira, USBOverdrive and TechToolProtection. Do we have anything in common?

I have TypeIt4Me. We should try turning it off.

That is it!

I turned TypeIt4Me off and am still getting pretty much the same results except the Close Window does not seem to quit the program unless the window is a Data Sheet.

Yes, I guess I spoke too soon. I am getting the same problem again without TypeIt4Me.

Question – does it matter if the field properties inspector is open or closed? Or does it crash either way? Based on the crash logs I’ve seen that might be relevant.

No. Either way, it crashes.

Experimenting further on that issue, I opened a New Procedure or New Form window with a blank database, closed it and selected Close Window, chose Don’t Save, and Panorama X did not crash. Same thing, only Close Database, and it did crash. Curiouser and curiouser!