New PanX Crashes

This week a procedure that has been in use for a year and used hundreds of times has started to crash. I could not figure out a cause by studying the code, but eventually found that it crashed when it reached a custom statement that I included, which I call PleaseWait. The PleaseWait procedure opens a dialog and displays a message of the user’s choosing. The purpose is to prevent a stray mouse click from interrupting a procedure. I had found if you click on a different Panorama database while a procedure is running that that can cause problems. So PleaseWait prevents that problem because Panorama ignores mouse clicks while the dialog window is open.

I recall that some recent changes to the rundialog statement now provide a method to escape from a dialog that has not been closed with a closedialog statement. I wonder if it is possible that the changes to rundialog are related to the crashes that I have seen.

Oddly enough, I moved the PleaseWait statement to 10 lines later in the procedure and crashes are not occurring. I have no theories at the moment of what is happening, so I will continue to thrash about hoping to stumble on some useful clues.

Does PleaseWait use the rundialog statement? I would think it would not, as your application is very different from a normal dialog.

I checked in the source code and it appears that at one point I made a change to try to get Panorama to ignore mouse clicks when a procedure was running. However, apparently the code did not work because I commented it out.

I am using Opendialog. I did conflate the two terms. But this does work to avoid the problem of stray mouse clicks. Tom

FYI the changes in regard to error handling were in rundialog. So your code is not affected by those changes.

Rundialog and opendialog are related – rundialog calls opendialog. Basically rundialog is a convenience that takes care of many of the details of displaying and using a dialog for you. If you use opendialog, you have to take care of those details yourself.

By the way, I am working on something new that I think will really help folks like you that are managing a largish set of users on a server. I’m excited to let you know about it, but it’s not quite ready yet.