New line doesn't indent in procedure

In Pan6, when typing procedure text, a CR at the end of an indented line assigned the same indent level to the new line. In PanX, the new line drops back to the left margin and, if I want more indented text, I have to enter a bunch of TABs before I type.

This may well be a feature but it’s not one that I like. Would it be possible, when the Preferences panel is updated to make indent maintenance an option?



This is not a feature – it bugs me every darn day. The automatic indent feature has been working perfectly for a couple of years now. Somehow in the latest release I broke it, I think it has to do with changes made for the procedure pop-up context menu. I already self reported this a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t figured out the problem yet.

I love the auto-indent feature but wouldn’t it be nice if you could use a shift-Return to reverse indent one tab in the opposite direction when stepping back out of loop, if or case blocks. Kind of a wish list item.