New Database from Text File imports with blank field names

Is there any situation that I should expect to have imported text into a new database and have all of the Field Names blank? It has happened and I’m wondering if it is my fault.

The only way I can think of for this to happen is if the text file has a blank line at the start.

Yes, in the first line, the CSV has just a series of commas, thus no data. I was still expecting A,B, C, D…

BitBucket? Delete post as appropriate.

If you want field names of A, B, C, D, choose File>New>New Database from Text File (no field names)

Slightly different… Create new db via CSV created from a Numbers Table of Field names: If names are in a header-less table the resulting New Database from Text File… only shows one Field name whereas if the names are in a Header row then one gets a New Database with all of the Field names. Table 1 below creates a database with all of the names as Field names whereas Table 2 creates a database with only the first name “Do”


Text files: