New computer upgrade / PanX LogOn

This question may have been asked before, if it has please forgive me. I just upgraded my laptop to the new touchbar, and cannot open PanX. I’ve entered my email and clicked “forgot password” so I can reset - but nothing ever gets delivered to my email address. I’ve been out of pocket for the past month (vacation in Hawaii and Japan) so I’d like to get back to work :smile:

Just had a thought, at our university I can’t see my “junk” mail until the evening… so my reset email from Pan may be in that folder - but I’ll have to wait until this evening.

The server says that it accepted your password reset email at 4:50 pm today. I’m not sure what time zone that is. I hope you’ve managed to find the email.

By the time I got to my university’s quarantine email this evening (8:00pm central time), the reset code had expired. I tried again but I can’t see the new reset email until after 8:00PM in tomorrow’s quarantine messages. So I logged on to the university site using VPN and whitelisted all messages from the Provue domain - but that won’t take affect until Monday because my IS department has to review and approve. If there’s another way to send me the reset code (alternate email) I can reset my password this weekend?