Names of Favorite Find/Search Dialog don't hold

Not sure if the problem is on this side, but following the Basics video I tried to do a select sub category and then save it as a favorite. I typed in the name, which I was able to do. I then hit done and the result was that the name did not change from NEW_FAVORITE.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I tried this with a newly created database and I still have the same issue. Along with this, I can also not delete any favorite (clicking on the - button.

I did a fresh upload of the latest version of Pan X and created a new database. Still same problem, the name for a newly created Favorite Search does not take.


I have made very little use of Favorites, but I just tried it. I could add a second favorite to the Find/Search favorites menu and rename it, but I could not rename or delete the first favorite I added; it stayed named NEW_FAVORITE. I went back to review the class video. Favorites was working then. I am running OS Sierra, if that makes a difference.
BTW, my firm uses accounting/time/billing software written in 4D. Every new OS release reeks havoc on the program and it takes weeks or months for the developer to fix the problems.

I am still on El Capitan.

With my luck, the apple pie I am baking will collapse…ha, ha.

Yes, there definitely seems to be a problem there. I’ve added it to the bug list.

I too have noticed issues/problems with Favorites:

To name a new favorite, key in the name and then hit the “enter” key. “Done” closes the window pane.

Selecting “Edit Favorites . . .” under the Star leads to nothing actionable.

To edit a favorite, its dialog must be visible in the window pane. However, once a favorite is deleted its dialog will still be visible in the window pane. Closing the window pane or selecting another favorite will delete the dialog.

If you have five or six Morph favorites saved, it is difficult to tell which one is displayed in the window pane - you have to read the dialog. Displaying the favorite name in the window pane would be helpful.

If you create an Analyze favorite, the resulting procedure code is shown in a window with an opportunity to copy it. This feature, available in other favorite areas, would be helpful to Pan newcomers.