Name field data disappearing

I’m working on a programme using a reference database with client names and information, and another database entering the weekly client data (financials). Both databases have fields called Name, and the data from single records in each database keep disappearing. In the reference database, it seems to occur on opening, to the record which is currently selected. In the weekly data database, it seems a lot more random. I don’t have any code or formulae attached to these field property boxes. I’ve disabled the initialise procedure that I thought may have been doing something funny, but is still happening. I can’t think of any subroutines that should be doing anything (I do use the name field in lots of lookup( routines, to get information from the one database to the other…) Does anyone have any ideas on where/how I can start looking for what I’ve done?

Just clarifying, its the Name data only that disappears, the rest of the fields for the record are unaffected.

One idea that comes to mind, is that you may have a FileGlobal or Global variable named Name. It could be the names are being entered into the variable, rather than the field.

Try putting a couple of text display objects on a form with formulas of info("filevariables") and info("globalvariables"). Look to see if that name appears on one of those lists.

You could also try putting those formulas in the Formula Workshop.

Dave’s point about variables is a good one, you should definitely look into that. But if the information is disappearing from the data sheet, that wouldn’t have anything to do with a variable. Is it disappearing from the data sheet, or just from a form? Another data point – is the data really disappearing, or did it not get entered into the database in fhe first place (which is Dave’s theory).

You mentioned disabling the .Initialize procedure, do you have any other automatic procedures, for example .CurrentRecord, .ModifyRecord, etc. Or there can also be code that runs automatically when a form opens. Assuming the data is disappearing in the data sheet, there must be some code running somewhere that is causing this.

The information is definitely disappearing from the data sheet(s).

I am completely stumped.

The only automatic procedures I am aware of having is the .initialize (although it was interesting when I did the exercise with the variables that Dave suggested how many variables I had that I knew nothing about - presumably created by the lists etc that panorama helps me create…).

At the moment, I am able to get the data to disappear in front of my eyes. The reference database records the client as active or inactive. As far as I’m aware, the only use of this is to make a smaller more usable list to be searched through in that database. None of my lookup procedures etc require the person to be active. However, if I click on a record in the other database for a client who is recorded as inactive, the Name field is immediately eaten up. If I try to retype the name, the clairvoyance recognises who the name should be, but tabbing to enter immediately disappears the name again. If I try to morph the field to replace the name, the fields that aren’t selected have the name reappear, but the record that is selected returns to being stubbornly empty. Similarly, if I go to the reference database and click on that person’s record, their name disappears from that field too. Sometimes, the whole record will disappear. Usually if I ‘revert to last saved’ it will reappear, but occasionally if doesn’t, but if I close without saving, it will open up with the information restored. (The latter makes me think its some sort of bug, but the relationship, semi meaningfully to my data) makes me feel its something I’ve done - but where, and how? - And if I can’t find that out, how can I fix it? Could I change the name of the fields, and substitute in all the code, and would that work?

The above situation isn’t the end of my problem though because sometimes, and I haven’t figured out the trigger, I will lose the name of an “active’ person…

Some of your description sounds vaguely similar to an experience I’ve had with the datasheet. Especially since you indicate that Clairvoyance recognizes it as being there.

Below are GIFs of something that has happened with some regularity but I can never reproduce at will. In this case, data doesn’t appear in the closed cells, but it is there. No data is being entered here; it’s solely Tab key action through the cells.


Tabbing through a moment later some of the data starts to stick around visually.

Screen Recording 2020-03-26 at 1.39.19

Run the following code after one of the incidents just as a test that may add some further information to this problem.

showother «»,99
selectactivedatabase otherDatabase
showother «»,99

See if this makes the data reappear.

I have a file where text turns white on white somewhat randomly. That may be what is happening to you as well.

So. I’ve shut down my computer, gone to sleep, woken up to everyone’s helpful suggestions, and found the hidden tab in my field in my reference database, and removed it (unexpected list action post), and the database is not currently eating names. I suspect it was the shut down, because I can’t see how the tab is related, but I’ll post again if the problem returns (it has been happening for weeks, but more subtly than when I wrote the post)