Mystery Window Uncovered

I have found a mystery window hiding somewhere within Panorama X. If I run this AppleScript it will appear from out of nowhere:

applescript {tell application "PanoramaX"
        set visible of window "RagelUnicode" to true
    end tell}

The window is called RagelUnicode and seems to always be hiding there in the distant background. Here it is…


I think this must be some sort of artifact from Jim’s development that was left behind. I ran across it while playing with ways to hide Panorama X windows and when I used a script to show all hidden windows this one appeared along with the normal ones. Even if I click the red close button it will disappear but then reappear if I run the script again. While visible it will appear listed in the Window menu but not show up with info(“windows”). :confounded:

I remember that window or something like it from very early alpha releases of the early development of Panorama X. I never knew what to do with it.

Bingo. Nothing to see here :slight_smile:

There’s a person named Gui Rambo (yes, that’s his real name) who has become somewhat famous for digging into Apple software and finding hidden gems inside, like icons for products that haven’t been released yet. He calls it spelunking. I met him briefly at WWDC 2019. Anyway, I’m honored that now someone is doing spelunking on my code!