My son resisted Panorama for a very long time

I’ll try to keep this short but I couldn’t resist sharing…

My son was introduced to ProVUE via OverVUE at a very early age. He was about 3 weeks old when in his baby carrier, he and I went to listen to a spiel about a new program for the Mac called OverVue. I liked it and bought it in Dec 1984. James, my son, grew up with my eye on him and on the screen as I taught myself all about my new program. James took it all in and like most young people (under 60), he was pretty much self taught. When he was 10, his school principal came to the playground one morning and asked him if he would install the software on the new computers in the library as they knew he knew how while they did not.

Fast forward to today. As an entrepreneur, he has built a successful service business in OR, expanding into WA as well. I’ve not chosen to poke into my kid’s lives and tell them how to run their businesses as I prefer the pull technique rather than the push. James has used Excel for most all of his ‘database’ needs and it has served him well. But recently, he was pulled into an opportunity to grow his service business nationally. I thought it was time for a real database. I offered James an extra license that I had, gave him a few hours of conversation and off he was figuring out Panorama on his own without any books or manuals. It came quite natural to him and you would be amazed at some of the forms that he has created using multiple tables as necessary with lookups, etc.

Last night, he came upon a issue that stumped him and I got another late night call. I explained to him his options and allowed him to choose amongst the many ways to accomplish his goal. We hung up and about 5 minutes later, I a Messages note displayed on my screen. It said ‘Too easy. Thanks pop.’

Another very happy Panorama user has arrived. It took a while, but he has been sucked in by the power and ease that ProVUE has delivered to his family all his life.


Great story, RA! I’ve been in the fold for a long time as well having been on the beta team for OverVue back in 1984. I brought it to the Bering Strait School District (Alaska) when I was their technology coordinator back in the 1985-87 timeframe. I love the product and it sounds like you and your son do as well. Thanks for the great story. BTW, my wife and I own TechnaPrint in Eugene (for almost 32 years). If your son is out and about, have him look us up. Eric (and Theresa) Pearson