Multiple Instances of Server running

I am appreciative that the Pano Server is now auto restarting if it should happen to crash. I did notice a few new windows of the Console app that told me that Pano Server had in fact crashed, and had auto-restarted so all was better. I did previously have a file that was set to auto-open on .Initialize and it created a new record documenting the restarting of the server and while it was no longer part of the mix, I thought all was fine.

Then I noticed my dock…

Image 8-23-22 at 6.42 PM

Apparently multiple instances of the server are happening upon each crash. Probably not a good thing.

I haven’t been able to duplicate this, but I was able to launch multiple instances of the server by manually opening a terminal window and entering the correct path. So that must be what is happening.

My suggestion for now would be to turn off the Launch Using option if you are using the Automatic Relaunch option. This is serendipitous timing since the new b28 version allows you to monitor the instrumentation output without having to use the Launch Using option.