Multi-line variable on a data tile won't print past the first page

I use report tiles so rarely these days that I’ve forgotten all I knew.

I have a form containing a header tile and a data tile. The data tile contains a Text Display Object (which could just as easily be a Text Editor Object if that’s preferable) whose content is a variable containing lots of cr-delimited lines of data which would cover several pages.

I’ve tried both TDO and TEO and both variable and field value and I’ve used both the print and the printtopdf statements but I can’t get more than the first page to print.

What am I missing?

I believe that you are missing overflow tiles. We all are, as I recall.

I can always create a new database, load each line of the variable’s contents as a new record, copy the (amended) form and print from there but it’s a far from elegant solution. Is there no other way around the problem?

As Bruce mentioned, Panorama X doesn’t have overflow tiles, so a single record can’t spill over multiple pages. (You can have data tiles for multiple pages, but each will have independent content, in other words, the content can’t flow from page to page to page.)

Another solution might be to export the text to a program that does page layout, for example Pages.

You should have some idea of how many lines can be printed per page. Use an ArrayRange( formula to split your one variable into several with each assigned to its own subsequent page. You might end up occasionally pushing a few blank pages out of the printer.

It’s a bit more effort, but to deal with varying numbers of pages, you could have a few layouts with a few or many pages and have your procedure decide which to use by how many of your variables have content to print.

That might just be the best solution James - the data lends itself well to that approach, consisting of four to six-line paragraphs.