Moving through records with up/down arrows

I’m confused about shomething… with a form open (not data sheet) if I press on the up or down arrow on the keyboard SOMETIMES I scroll through records as expected, other times I just get a warning beep and nothing happens. I can’t figure out why this is.

You will get a beep when you try to go up from the top visible record or down from the bottom one. Perhaps you have only one visible record?

That’s not the case here.

Make sure all records are selected and all summaries are removed. As i recall, the up and down arrows are blocked when they encounter am unselected summary record.


I have found the same problem with arrow keys not moving to next/previous record. Arrow keys work if I click on the form each time before pressing up/down. Arrows work as expected on the datasheet. Is there something that would be causing the form to be deactivated to keyboard input (an object on the form, maybe) each time the arrow key is pressed?

If any Text Editor is active, the up/down arrows will work within the text editor, and won’t move up or down to different records. If that is the case, you must click on the form but outside of any text editor object, then the up and down arrows will go back to moving from record to record.