Morph operation sometimes malfunctions if triggered from inside parentheses

When keying in functions with multiple parentheses I often type, for example, strip() then backspace and enter the argument.

If I do this using right-key-Morph in a datasheet, and hit Return while the cursor is inside the parentheses, the right hand parenthesis disappears. If I then restore the parenthesis and hit return, nothing happens. If I hit the Morph button, the field clears completely.

What’s actually happening is that the right parenthesis isn’t removed, it’s rendered invisible! If I ignore its apparent disappearance the morph works fine.

But I still can’t get the Return key to trigger the Morph operation with a strip( function entered.

Maybe my entry mode is odd but it works for me and I don’t lose track of parentheses. And there is something odd happening here - on both my Macs.

Is it just that the return key enters a cr or a lf, taking the ) to the next line? You can expand the cell vertically to see. Don’t know about the return key trigger part…

I don’t think Bill quite understands what Michael is doing, but Bill is on the right text. The parenthesis is not invisible, it is on the next line. Which essentially makes it invisible, since the input area in this dialog is only one line high and not expandable. I’ve added a bug report. In the mean time, you might consider using the new Field>Morph>Fill with Value dialog. It doesn’t terminate when a carriage return is pressed, it starts a new line, but at least you can see the new line!