More Window Closing Problems

Following up on what others have discovered, there are sometimes when you can’t close the last window and can’t close the file.

Attempting troubleshooting, I opened the View Organizer and one by one closed all of the other files that were open. When down to the last file I looked and the Forms and the Procedures lists for the remaining file and could not open and forms or procedures. I could click on them, but nothing happened. I then opened a few other files and windows, and I could not only open files and procedures from the formerly inaccessible file, I could close it. (in the past I resorted to closing PanX).
Don’t know if this is helpful for diagnosing the problem, and if anyone else can replicate it. Being a random problem, it may be a while before I can try again.

When that happens check Memory Usage in the PanoramaX menu. When I’ve had what you report happen the file was NOT listed there as if PanX thought that file was already closed even though one of its windows was still visible. I haven’t been able to reproducibly produce that anomaly so haven’t reported it here, but I have seen it happen a few times.

Just tried it and the offending file IS listed in Memory Usage.
As and experiment, I ignored it and ran a procedure that called that file, and others. The procedure successfully ran, and when it was finished, the file that wouldn’t close, was able to close, but another file called in the procedure, that happened to have a window open, would not close. Haven’t tried to replicate it yet. Did check the Memory Usage and the newly offending file is listed.

I sometimes have trouble closing files. When this happens I can’t close the window, nor quit the programme. It seems most likely to affect the data window. Sometimes if I open a form, I can then close the data window, and then quit the programme. But sometimes I haven’t been able to do anything, and have had to force quit. On these occasions, the computer hasn’t recognised a problem (unlike the times I need to force quit, and it is showing that the programme has stopped responding).
Don’t know if this helps you figure out what may be happening, but thought it worth reporting.