More Tab Panels within Tab Panel

This may just be a bug, and so far easy to work around.
Experimenting with tab panels within tab panels.
Tab Panel A has a 8 sub panels. One of the sub panels contains Tab Panel B, which has two sub panels.

When I make the panel with Tab Panel B the front sub panel, and then activate the first sub panel within that it comes up fine. But if I click on one of the sub panels in Tab Panel A to change to another sub panel, two text display objects are left displayed. I can click through all of the available sub panels in Tab Panel A and the TDO’s don’t change.

However, if I choose Tab Panel B from Tab Panel A again and then choose the second sub panel from Tab Panel B, the two TDO’s disappear.

I did change the variables for the TDO’s just to make sure I wasn’t using them twice.

Attached, I’ve done a .mov clip of the action, but can’t up load here.