More mailing labels trouble

OK, I tried to use my template, which worked on the previous version. In that earlier version when I would select a group of records, then choose “print” it would then print out a sheet of mailing labels, 3 columns, about 30 rows in each. Now when I try to do that it shows only ONE record.
I am attaching a picture of the template setup. A tweak must be necessary.

— Richard

In Panorama 6, a report form could also be a view as list form, and then you could see more than one record at a time. If you go ahead and choose Print, and then Open PDF in Preview, I think you will see multiple records in the preview of the printout.

I’m on the same page as David. It should only SHOW one record although it will print all selected. Are you just looking at the form or have you tried printing or previewing as a PDF?

Mine works fine. Here’s a screen shot:

When I preview out of the File menu or print, I get just what I expected. (I had to tweak a little to get the right number of labels on a page. Seems like we’re doing the same thing: Printing little return address labels, right?) I’m using the latest build of PanX but not Sierra. Too many horror stories on this forum!

So what is going on here?
After your replies, I open PanX again, choose the label form and go “print” and NOW I see all the records. I did nothing different than before.
When I did the last post I had tried several times and always had only one record show.