Missing the SelectWithin in Select

Hello Friends,
I have a database with about 16,000 record. I do a select and find the records I want and find 502. Now I want to refine the list by selecting another field and doing another find but I want to only find the additional find from the 502 records. It always returns 1,252 records from the entire database. In Pan 6 there was always the “Find Within”. What happened?
I use the Subset and SuperSubSet with the same results.

Subset is the new name for select within. For me, the preview in the dialog always gives the number of matches from the entire database, but if I go ahead and press the Select button, it selects from within the existing selection, just like it’s supposed to.

Thanks Dave for the quick response.
I was getting confused because I was looking at what it found until I pressed the select button.