Missing report tile options

When clicking on my footer tile, the magic wand window shows no options. :frowning:

Assumably a simple screen refresh issue. Try to click the Pane icon in the toolbar twice (to hide and show again the Properties pane).

There have been a handful of reports of this panel appearing blank when using recent versions of macOS. So far I don’t know the cause. Hopefully closing and re-opening the pane as Kurt suggested will clear up the issue.

I see this happen on a regular basis. Not every time but not infrequently either. Clicking the Pane icon in the toolbar reliably fixes it.

Not sure this will help but I have seen similar behavior after what I think is an error. No message is generated alerting to an error but it just “feels” like it. I use tab panels and matrix objects extensively with catcherror("","") as well a text editor objects using formulas so while developing I generate a bunch of errors. I have noticed that the panel becomes blank when a formula or other code “feels” like an error was encountered. Once I have validated that all code and formulas are working, the blank panel anomaly goes away. Unfortunately I have not had time to validate my assumption.