Missing Menu Item

Here’s something odd that just happened. Working manually in the Datasheet. Selected records, grouped them in the «Give» field, totaled and did a count in another field.
Then wanted to collapse to the «Give» field, so went to Field>Analyze. There was the RAW DATA and GRAND TOTAL outline levels, but only a blank where GIVE should have been.
But, if I click on the blank, it did collapse to the GIVE outline level.

Here’s a picture (I hope):

Did this happen only one time or can you repeat it?

It happened a few times as I was doing what I was working on. I’ll try to recreate it when I get a chance.

UPDATE: Tried and was able to replicate it. I did reply to Jim’s email that it did not replicate, but turns out I was using the wrong database. So the problem persists.

UPDATE 2: The «Give» field is a Numeric Floating point field. When I added an output pattern to the properties, the problem went away. The problem was not occurring on the other numeric field, so still don’t know what caused the problem.

UPDATE 3: Running a procedure that leaves the end state of the database with a TOTAL produces the same menu error, but when I click on the blank it collapses to “GRAND TOTAL.”
If I add a “removeallsummaries” to the end of the procedure, the menu error does not occur.
Replicated multiple times in that DB.

Martin McCaffery