Miss the "Record Procedure" and "Split Window" on Data Sheet

I really miss the “Record Procedure” and “Split Window” features on the Pan 6 Data Sheet. I am not a programmer, so I liked being able to just do a series of steps on a data sheet and have the steps recorded to save as a procedure. I also miss not being able to split the data sheet screen so that that one or two fields can stay stationary while the other records are scrolled.

Please see Who moved my cheese?

I miss the split window in data mode also. I have one database that has a large number of columns that I add to every week. To enter data in the latest column I use the split window which allows me to see the first and last easily.

It may be time to rethink the method that you have designed.

Perhaps the latest and newest columns could be toward the beginning rather than the end?

You may want to design a more relational design rather than extending a simple single table with perhaps hundreds of columns?
(While I too have many tables that have hundreds of columns, all too often our original design may not really be the best one after a year or 2 or perhaps a decade of use.)

Robert Ameeti