Memory Usage… feature request

Find & Open Database brings up a list of databases with a contextual menu listing of additional useful options. Could something similar be added to the listing Memory Usage… brings up? I have a couple databases programmatically opened by other databases, sometimes with just data sheet open, sometimes with no windows open and their window setup ends up saved accordingly. Sometimes I want to manually open the sheet or a form in that ‘secret’ database, or conversely close that database, when another database is active. I can see the ‘secret’ database in Memory Usage…, but can’t close it, open sheets, forms, procedures for it manually nor activate it. I could write a procedure to do such, but having a contextual menu options there would help. Perhaps leaving a secret database active would be problematic, but temporary activation to open windows or close it via a contextual menu seems possible.

I’m not sure how much is possible there, but I hope there’s an easier solution than my current one of quitting PanoramaX to clear secret databases from its memory.

You can use the Open View wizard found in the View menu. Set it to All Databases and it should show all the items available in each open database including data sheets, forms and procedures.

To open a secret database manually, choose View Organizer. From there you can select the secret database and open a form or procedure. If you have an .Initialize procedure, it will not automatically run, so you may want to open it and run it.

You can also use The Database menu to open the data sheet from the View Organizer window.

So, you definitely don’t need to quit to close databases with no windows, however, I quite like your idea of of a context menu for the Memory Usage window. I’ve added this to the issue tracker.

(Face palm) solutions hiding in plain sight; often the last place I think to look. I’ve learned a lot with PanX, but sometimes still fall back into Pan6 habits, overlooking the replacement tools X provides, like View Organizer.