Maximum only works once

I am struggling with converting some of my simple files to Panorama X. The conversion of one had a perfect score, not a single procedure worked! Most of them just involved writing around gosheet, which was not so bad.

However, the most complex one, which is not going to work the way I originally wrote it at all, revealed a bug that needs reporting. I have an integer field, where I want to find out what the largest integer is in all the records. In Panorama 6, I use Maximum, and copy the value from the summary record which magically appears. I then delete that summary record.

This works about the same in Panorama X, but it only works once! Try it again, and all I get is the value of the current record. I suspect it has to do with Panorama X not believing that the summary record is actually gone, but then, what do I know.

Makes me think of the old joke about the piano tuner named Opperknockity… Opperknockity only tunes once!

I have often had problems removing the summary record in Panorama X. I haven’t looked into it because I so rarely use summaries but it certainly has issues.

I’m not sure about the problem you are seeing, but in Panorama X there is a much simpler way to get the maximum value. Assuming the name of your field is IntegerField, this formula will calculate the max value.

let maxValue = aggregate("IntegerField","maximum")

That’s it! No need to create and delete a summary record. You can even display aggregate values in a form with no programming whatsoever.

At this point I can’t think of any reason to create and then delete a summary record, but if you still wanted to do that, I would try using removeallsummaries instead of the regular delete record.

There are many ways to do many things in Panorama. Some of them work in 6 but do not work in X. Learning and remembering what they all are is difficult, especially for someone like me who does not program in it often.

I reported this because it is an unexpected behavior. It may affect some other procedural methods as well.

I tried using aggregate. It is just returning the value of the field for the current record. I have tried it with minimum, and get the same thing. With sum, I get a variety of answers, and so on.

Sure, that’s why I mentioned the aggregate( function, I figure not that many people know about it.

I tried using aggregate

Perhaps you could share exactly what you are doing? I just did some testing and the aggregate( function is working fine for me.

Keep in mind that by default, the aggregate( function only works with visible records. I figured this would be fine since the way you were doing it before also dealt with visible records. However, if you look at the documentation, you can change it to all records, and you can also provide a formula that specifies what records to include.

I believe Bruce is not quoting the field name since I can get his results if not quoted.

That seems to be it. I had chevrons, without quotes.