Matrixes one row only

Am having real problems getting new matrixes to work – they are locked into one row only. To demonstrate here’s a new database with one form containing a matrix object and a text display object in the matrix frame. Even though the matrix is set to 8 rows and the blueprint shows "$MatrixRows","8" the matrix has only one row – putting message info("matrix cell") in the matrix procedure panel returns 1 if the highlighted row is clicked or 0 if the matrix is clicked elsewhere. I’ve spend several days on and off fiddling with every possible setting trying to get these working properly, without success.

Your matrix does have 8 rows, it’s just that only 1 is being utilized. Matrixes display the data you give them. It looks like you are giving this matrix one line of data – the word "Text". If you put in a formula that supplies multiple lines of data, you’ll get multiple rows displayed.

Thank you. I had reached this low point in the process of converting a complicated matrix from P6. Your advice made me realise that the PX matrix (which had contained no matrix data in P6) didn’t know anything about the variable being used in the text display objects inside the frame. As soon as I entered the variable name in the matrix formula panel as suggested, everything worked perfectly.

Your “P6” matrix was probably really a “P3” matrix. I think the ability to link the matrix to a formula (in your case a variable) was added in Panorama 4. That was a big leap in the usability of the matrix feature. In fact I think in Panorama 3 matrix objects didn’t have scroll bars, you could only add that with great complexity as a separate object. By linking the data to the matrix the scroll bars could work automatically.

How interesting. Matrixes have probably given me the most problems when converting files from Panorama 6, and this may be why – like an archeological dig back through the matrix eras.

If I was setting up a new matrix today I’d use your constructor tool whenever possible.

Honestly if I ever have to convert a file with an old “archeological dig” matrix like that, I just throw the old one away and make a new one with the constructor. It doesn’t take very long to do.

Amen to that! Definitely my new year’s resolution.