Matrix Objects Scrolling

I have been doing much matrix object experimentation and I came across an interesting behavior yesterday. One experiment has been how I can use a matrix object to facilitate editing data from a different database. The matrix object shows records from database “b” in database “a”, each row represents a different record from database “b”. When I click on a button in the matrix object, I create TEO objects in the correct position on top of the selected matrix object. When the editing is finished I remove those objects and update the data in the correct record in database “b”. Works beautifully. The only challenge has been the scrolling behavior of the matrix object. Ideally when a matrix button is clicked to edit the data I would want to freeze the matrix object by turning off the scrolling behavior and keeping the matrix object from jumping to the top. Currently I do not know if it is possible. But here is the interesting thing.

If I have selected the matrix object cell I want to edit and I have a TEO active the TEO will scroll with the Matrix Object. It goes up and down rather than staying in the position I originally created it. So, this seems like an interesting anomaly with many possibilities. What is causing this?

You could disable the Database Navigator temporarily for the TEO editing and then turn it back on again when finished by using the changeobject statement. This turns navigation for a matrix object I’m calling myMatrix off:

changeobject "myMatrix","$MatrixNavigator","0"

And this turns it back on again:

changeobject "myMatrix","$MatrixNavigator","1"

Not sure if this gives the effect you are looking for or not.

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your response, I tried your suggestion and it doesn’t suspend scrolling or clicking on other rows. So what should the setting $MatrixNavigator to 0 change? Im not sure what would show me that this parameter has been changed?

The option turns the Database Navigator option on and off. If this is off it will not change the selection position when you navigate to other fields in the database.

Apparently this is not what you are after so I don’t really know if what you want is available in any of the matrix options.