Matrix Frame Footers

Is there a way to have a Matrix Frame Footer work like the Matrix Frame Headers? I know there is no such thing as a Matrix Frame Footer, although I think it might be really cool to have that feature. I am just wondering if there is a way to achieve that so that a footer behaves like the Header?

Matrix Frame Headers are based on Cocoa’s NSTableHeaderView class. There is no NSTableFooterView class, so I don’t believe this is possible (or at a minimum would be very, very, difficult).

Of course you can always place objects below the matrix. What you can’t get them to do is to scroll horizontally in sync with the matrix. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Mac app do this, which makes sense since Cocoa doesn’t support it.

Thank you Jim, I was wanting it to scroll in synch. Oh well, there are always other ways to accomplish this with Panorama.

Apple needs to think outside the table. :slight_smile: