Matrix and TLO Scroll Position

Is there a way to get the current value of a Matrix or List object scrolling position?

If so, is there any way to programmatically scroll either the Matrix or List object?


Sorry, there is no way to access the scrolling position of these objects at this time.

Has programmatically scrolling on a Matrix Object been implemented?

Does anyone has a workaround?

Jim previously wrote this, which might help you. I have used it to scroll a text list.

"There is an undocumented commands based on the objectaction statement that I think might help you. This code will cause the 7th row of a text list to be visible. You’ll need to use something like arraysearch( to determine which row number you want.

objectaction "Text List Object Name","scrolltorow",7

The command name is different for a Matrix object.

objectaction "Matrix Object Name","autoscroll",7

These commands aren’t currently documented or supported, but I think they will work for you."

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Excellent Tom!
This works perfectly for Matrix Objects as well. It does exactly what I need.