Manually setting field width in data sheet view

When I manually change field widths in data sheet view they “snap back” to default settings. How can I make them stick?

Dragging the vertical line between fields in the datasheet to a new position, then closing and re-opening the datasheet retains the new settings on my system…running .b31

Same here.

I’m running Ventura on Apple Silicon and if I change the width is sticks.

I’m running Monterey on a MacBook Pro mid-2015 and the field widths don’t stay in positons set.PanoramaX .b31

Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions for you at the moment. We’ve had no other reports of a problem such as this. Fields don’t even have a “default width” so I don’t know what they would snap back to.

Have you verified this problem in more than one database?

I was ambiguous.

If I change the field widths and quit and reopen the changed field widths are retained at their new width.

Sorry if I was not clear.

Did you Save before you Quit? :slightly_smiling_face: