Make New Variable Name From the Contents of a Variable?

I would like to name a new permanent variable using the contents of another variable. For example, if I had x = JohnDoe, can I make a permanent variable named “JohnDoe” from it? Is this possible?

You can use the execute statement to do the job. If you have the name for the permanent variable as a value within a variable x as you indicated use:

`execute {letpermanent }+x+{="")

Many thanks, Gary. I assume you meant:

execute {letpermanent }+x+{=""}

which works.

Gary meant to enclose the code in backticks, which formats the text as code in this forum, but he accidentally left off the closing backtick. The nice thing about using backticks is that you can put some code into the middle of a paragraph. But for standalone code, I think indenting by 4 spaces is easier. But either one works.

I could fix Gary’s post, but I’ll leave it since otherwise both Laurence’s and my reply make no sense.