Macro recreation?

In the prior version of Panorama I had created a couple of key macros that made quick switches between the data sheet and my window with the form I primarily used.
I had the one that went to the data sheet named as a macro as “Data Base/B” the script said simply “gosheet.” It was triggered by using command/B. This macro did not transfer over into PanX. Is there a way to create something similar?

The other one I had was to switch to my form page. It was called “Home/M” and had this script:
GoForm “•••••• HOME PAGE ••••••” It no longer works. Again, perhaps there is a tweak?

— Richard

If you are willing to have both windows open, and simply bring them alternately to the front, then you can use OpenSheet when you want to go to the data sheet, and OpenForm "•••••• HOME PAGE ••••••" when you want to go to the form.

If it’s important to you that only one window is open at a time, you will need to put up with a little window flashing.

Local thisWindow thisWindow = info("windowname") OpenSheet Window thisWindow CloseWindow

to go to the data sheet, and

Local thisWindow thisWindow = info("windowname") OpenForm "•••••• HOME PAGE ••••••" Window thisWindow CloseWindow

to go to your form.

Thanks Dave. And is it still possible to assign some keys to activate them? Like what I had before was to use command/B and command/M.

Yes, but now you do this in the procedure Properties panel instead of by adding a special suffix to the procedure name. This is covered at the beginning of the Fundamentals of Procedures video. As a bonus, you can now easily add command key equivalents with modifiers, for example Command-Option-B.

Great. I will study this.
Thanks again.

Beautiful. Works great.