MacOS Sierra 10.12.1

I see that Apple released 10.12.1 today. Given the ealier problems reported with the Beta, I was reluctant to install it. Does anyone have information about whether it is going to cause problems with Panorama X?

It looks as if not many people have put their toes in the water as yet Tom. I installed 10.12 and ran into diabolical problems which have taken me about two weeks to fix but I believe that most of that was due to malware or viruses. I’ve gone back to Yosemite (the OS, not the park).

BTW, if any body has an El Capitan installer that they can put up on Dropbox, I would be very grateful.

Sierra 10.12.0 was O.K., but the 10.12.1 update has a nasty bug, as several reports in Apple Discussions forum show: Some apps do not launch successfully, their icon keeps jumping in the dock and no activity mark appears there. You have to force quit the app. The next launch works — as far as I can see until the next system restart.
This is an annoyance, but no complete incompatibility. Pan 6 and Pan X do run in 10.12.1, it just may be necessary to start them twice. But this is no Panorama issue: Apple apps (like Calendar, Contacts, Preview, Pages) can be affected by this issue as well.

I was using 10.12.1 BETA, and PanX crashed frequently and inexplicably. Installing the 10.12.1 official release dramatically REDUCED the number of PanX crashes for me. It also resolved some other unrelated issues.

That’s great news!

After 24 hours, the culprit was found in the Apple Community: It was the third party application Hands Off! After uninstalling it, the issue is solved completely, and 10.12.1 runs perfectly.

Sadly, the number of crashes when I close windows is REDUCED, not ELMINATED… it still happens, but not as often.