Loopwhile Hangs

The following example is in the Panorama help flle

loopwhile not(“eof”)

This will hang Panorama on a
16 inch M1 MacBook Pro
Monterey 12.4

I tried it on some very simple databases.

The code sample from the documentation reads

loopwhile not info("eof")

First of all, as @kjm pointed out, you did not accurately copy the code from the Panorama help file. Perhaps you weren’t aware that you can select and copy text from the help file, eliminating the possibility of transcription errors. With the correct code, the code runs fine. (It also would have been nice if you had specified what help page contained this code, but I was able to determine that there was only one possible place.)

Secondly, the code you entered is working exactly as it should. The not( function simply reverses a boolean value, it turns true into false and false into true. You’ve supplied a value of "eof" which is simply a text value, not really true or false. (By the way, the same result would have happened with "xyz" or any other text value.) When presented with a non boolean value, the not( function simply returns true. So the loop will run forever – exactly what you asked it to.

It also turns out that it doesn’t exactly “hang”, because you can press Shift-Command-Escape to stop the loop and resume normal operation.

oops. shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.