Locked up on first start

Just downloaded the demo and eagerly started taking the survey to get two free months. Unfortunately both the Submit and Cancel button threw errors (sorry don’t remember what the messages were…) and I had to force quit. Now I don’t have the option for the two free months, but the trial seems to be working.

Our ISP, Frontier, has been having intermittent problems all day long – our internet connection has dropped for 5 to 15 minutes nearly a dozen times today. Hopefully they will get the problem sorted out soon. It sounds like our server may have been offline at the moment you tried to submit the survey (though I’m not sure why Cancel would have been a problem).

If you go back to the Site License window, you should be able to click the birthday cake icon to re-open the survey window, hopefully it will work this time. We have gotten quite a few people submitting surveys without any other reports of problems – sorry this affected you.